GOAL Academy

In July 2016 we were delighted to get football boots back on the pitch at GOAL where sport is a catalyst for social change https://m.facebook.com/GOALGOMA/


In October 2016 we held a distribution of school shoes and sports shoes at http://www.promojeunebasket.org a basketball academy with 4 basketball courts across the city of Goma.

Goma - GOAL Academy

In October, Liverpool UNISON (the trade union) organised a collection of children's football boots, trainers, and kit, as part of our http://www.salsshoes.com/back-on-the-pitch/ initiative. Some of the kit and football boots donated, alongside kit donated by http://www.littlekickers.co.uk found their new players yesterday at GOAL Academy in Goma, DRC.

Promo Jeune Basket

In January 2017, thanks to http://www.falconcoffees.com, https://www.peaceplayersintl.org & https://www.bookstoremovers.com, on the last day of their winter camp training sessions, Sal's Shoes were distributed to ALL the basketball players at http://www.promojeunebasket.org in Goma, DRC.

Goal Academy and Promo Jeune Basket

Sal's Sports Shoes back on the pitch at http://www.goal.academy ⚽️ and on the court at http://www.promojeunebasket.org 🏀 in DRC in February 2017.

Promo Jeune Basket

In March 2017, basketball kit generously donated by http://www.londonlionsbasketball.co.uk in London was back on the basketball court at http://www.promojeunebasket.org in Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo 🏀 http://www.salsshoes.com/back-on-the-pitch/

Goal Academy

http://www.salsshoes.com/back-on-the-pitch/ kit donated by http://www.thefootprintsfoundation.co.uk, http://www.arsenal.com and Sal's Shoes football boots ⚽️ on a team from http://www.goal.academy in DRC at a friendly championship in Rwanda in March 2017 ⚽️ Sal's Shoes won

GOAL football academy

Sal's Shoes football boots ⚽️ http://www.salsshoes.com/back-on-the-pitch/ at GOAL football academy in Goma, DRC in June 2017.