GOAL Academy

In July 2016 we were delighted to get football boots back on the pitch at GOAL where sport is a catalyst for social change https://m.facebook.com/GOALGOMA/


In October 2016 we held a distribution of school shoes and sports shoes at http://www.promojeunebasket.org a basketball academy with 4 basketball courts across the city of Goma.

Goma - GOAL Academy

In October, Liverpool UNISON (the trade union) organised a collection of children's football boots, trainers, and kit, as part of our http://www.salsshoes.com/back-on-the-pitch/ initiative. Some of the kit and football boots donated, alongside kit donated by http://www.littlekickers.co.uk found their new players yesterday at GOAL Academy in Goma, DRC.

Promo Jeune Basket

In January 2017, thanks to http://www.falconcoffees.com, https://www.peaceplayersintl.org & https://www.bookstoremovers.com, on the last day of their winter camp training sessions, Sal's Shoes were distributed to ALL the basketball players at http://www.promojeunebasket.org in Goma, DRC.

Goal Academy and Promo Jeune Basket

Sal's Sports Shoes back on the pitch at http://www.goal.academy ⚽️ and on the court at http://www.promojeunebasket.org 🏀 in DRC in February 2017.

Promo Jeune Basket

In March 2017, basketball kit generously donated by http://www.londonlionsbasketball.co.uk in London was back on the basketball court at http://www.promojeunebasket.org in Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo 🏀 http://www.salsshoes.com/back-on-the-pitch/

Goal Academy

http://www.salsshoes.com/back-on-the-pitch/ kit donated by http://www.thefootprintsfoundation.co.uk, http://www.arsenal.com and Sal's Shoes football boots ⚽️ on a team from http://www.goal.academy in DRC at a friendly championship in Rwanda in March 2017 ⚽️ Sal's Shoes won

GOAL football academy

Sal's Shoes football boots ⚽️ http://www.salsshoes.com/back-on-the-pitch/ at GOAL football academy in Goma, DRC in June 2017.


February 2019 - http://www.promojeunebasket.org (PJB) is a locally run grassroots organization, based in Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo, focused on educating the youth of Goma through basketball. The founders believe that by empowering young athletes to develop essential life-skills, take their education seriously, and become active members in their communities, PJB can become a force of great change within the region and country. PJB runs daily basketball practices, basketball camps and clinics, provides basketball facilities and equipment throughout the city, and applies a life-skills approach to all of it's programming. Guided by the core values of discipline, hard work, team work, and respect, PJB believes that through basketball, the youth of Goma will lead their country into a safe and prosperous future. From it’s humble beginnings of three coaches and a handful of young basketball players, PJB has grown into a full-time basketball academy that serves over 1000 young players. Today your Sal’s Shoes trainers started playing back on the court 🏀


March 2019 - https://www.royalrussell.co.uk thanks to http://spreadsomesunshine.com your outgrown but not outworn sports kit were back on the football pitch at http://www.goal.academy in Goma, DRC ⚽️

Goad Academy 

In March 2019, your Sal’s Shoes football boots and kit generously donated by http://www.thefootprintsfoundation.co.uk & https://www.littlekickers.co.uk were back on the ⚽️ pitch at http://www.goal.academy in the Democratic Republic of the Congo 🇨🇩


In April 2019, https://www.jefferieslaw.co.uk your football kit ⚽️ was back on the pitch with Sal’s Shoes football boots in Goma, DRC 🇨🇩 with http://www.goal.academy


In July 2019, your Sal’s Shoes outgrown football kits and football boots ⚽️ got back on the pitch in Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo [DRC] with http://www.goal.academy/ 🇨🇩