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January 2021, It’s back to school for many of us this week 📚
As is the case in the U.K. 🇬🇧, many countries around the world have a state run education system which is free to access . . . but school uniform is mandatory, and if you cannot afford school shoes, you cannot go to school.
Last year your school shoes were worn even less than usual. Thanks to you sending them our way to find new feet for, and our Sal’s school Shoes Toe to Toe initiative, this week many of your school shoes are getting ready to get back into education in Nicaragua 🇳🇮 thanks to Feed The Hungry Nicaragua

Tuapi, Part of Puerto Cabezas


January 2020, because kids tend to outgrow their shoes before they outwear them . . . Finding new feet for your Sal’s Shoes with Feed The Hungry Nicaragua amongst the community of Tuapi, part of Puerto Cabezas 🇳🇮
Feed The Hungry UK

Waspan, North Caribbean Coast Autonomous Region


December 2020, ending our year as we started – finding new feet for your Sal’s Shoes. Today with Feed The Hungry Nicaragua in Waspan, a town in the North Caribbean Coast Autonomous Region of Nicaragua 🇳🇮

Puerto Cabeza


May 2020, Sometimes, much like life itself, finding new feet for your Sal’s Shoes doesn’t always go to plan. In November last year, over 7,000 pairs of your Sal’s Shoes arrived in Nicaragua 🇳🇮. Some of the shoes that arrived were destined for Puerto Cabezas on the Atlantic coast. The municipality and the entire region are indigenous lands and a 30 hour drive away from where your Sal’s Shoes had arrived. En route to the Miskito Coast, the truck carrying your shoes was involved in an accident and wrecked. The shoes were stored safely en route by the transportation company and after months of repairs, the truck has finally arrived at its destination. Thanks to Feed the Hungry Nicaragua, your Sal’s Shoes have finally found their new owners and are walking again 👣



February 2020, thanks to Feed The Hungry Nicaragua, your Sal’s Shoes have been finding their feet amongst barefoot children living on a rubbish dump in Estelí, Nicaragua 🇳🇮. You can only imagine what health risks their unprotected feet leave them open to.



Specialist footwear gives children whose ankles and feet need that extra support the chance to take their first few steps 🤝 January 2020, in Nicaragua 🇳🇮 your Sal’s Shoes are on horseback 🐎 [FTH Nicaragua]

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