CJ Bowry
Founder / Trustee

In 2013, unable to find a charity that could tell me where exactly our son Sal’s outgrown shoes would find their new feet if we donated them, I founded Sal’s Shoes. In our first year we collected just under 5,000 pairs of shoes. 7 years on, we have now found new feet for over 2,000,000 pairs of Sal’s Shoes in 49 countries around the world, including increasingly here in the UK. We have worked hard to maintain the premise upon which we were built, knowing where all your Sal’s Shoes find their new owners.

Claudia Lewis
U.K. Logistics

Claudia was one of our first volunteers, helping with the sorting and packing of incoming shoes when Sal’s Shoes was started in a garage. Her background in international shipping and logistics has stood her in good stead since becoming more involved with the administration of Sal’s Shoes and in particular the finding of new feet across the U.K. In her free time Claudia is most likely to be found in the Surrey countryside walking her two dogs or pounding the streets in her running shoes.

Laura Turney

Laura is mum to Rowan, eleven and Fraser, ten. Laura spotted a pair of Rowans’ sparkly trainers on their new feet in an early consignment to Zambia and was delighted to be appointed one of the first trustees. Through her work in events, Laura sometimes travels and has been lucky to use these trips to deliver shoes to Brazil, Ivory Coast and Cambodia.

Katie Whiteley

Katie is a Commercial Director working in the Financial Services sector. She is mum to Ben and Charlotte, and lives in Kent with her husband, Adam. Her strong belief in the pay-it-forward philosophy made supporting Sal’s Shoes a natural choice.

Sarah Nelson Smith

Jossie and Sal have been buddies from the start. Sarah visited the Snehalayam orphanage in India with her then 5 year old to take shoes for all of the boys, and knew immediately that she wanted to do more to support Sal’s Shoes. Sarah brings commercial and strategic insight, together with a strong desire to make positive change.


Please contact us at info@salsshoes.com if your company is interested in supporting the work of Sal’s Shoes.

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