Mbala Midsport Football Youth Academy

December 2020, thanks to Get Mbala Reading Sal’s Shoes football boots are back on the pitch ⚽️ with these young players at the Mbala Midsport Football Youth Academy in Zambia.


Destiny Academy

December 2020, your Sal’s Shoes are protecting their new feet headed out for playtime amongst these nursery and primary schoolers at Destiny Academy in Zambia 🇿🇲 thanks to Get Mbala Reading 📚


Mbala District

December 2020, your Sal’s school Shoes are finding their new feet with Get Mbala Reading and are back at school in Mbala District, Zambia’s most northerly large town 🇿🇲


Amanda Community School, Choma

December 2020, thanks to National Police Aid Charity your preloved Crocs are about to start finding their new feet at the Amanda Community School Christmas party 🎄 in Choma, Zambia 🇿🇲



October 2020, it’s a Sal’s Shoes setting off for South London 🇬🇧 and finding their new feet in Southern Africa Monday morning 🌍Sal’s school and summer Shoes have been finding their new feet 👣 at rural schools in Chikwa, in the Eastern Province, Zambia thanks to National Police Aid Charity


Wukwashi wa Nzambi

September 2020, Sometimes the new ankles and feet we find are in need of extra support just to be able to stand up and take steps, which is why we also accept donations of Sal’s specialist Shoes.
Thanks to we’ve been sending your orthopaedic shoes to Wukwashi wa Nzambi, in Zambia 🇿🇲
Wukwashi supports children with disabilities and their families and now runs 14 support groups for disabled children across the Copperbelt Province. At these support groups, children receive physiotherapy, play therapy and [when appropriate] mobility aids, and their parents gain advice and all-important support.
Anastasia has just been able to stand up in her Sal’s specialist Shoes thanks to you.


Livingstone Rhinos Girls

March 2020, thanks to 🏉 your Sal’s rugby boots were back on the pitch on the feet of the Livingstone Rhinos Girls team from Zambia 🇿🇲 in a match against a team from the town of Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe 🇿🇼



  2. Immicle
  3. Good morning everyone at Sal’s shoes,
    I was given your details by a friend of mine who helped with a project in Sierra Leone and told me about your fabulous work of
    sending shoes to communities / children in need.
    It is for this reason that I am writing to you in the hope that you would be able to help us at Mumba Children’s project with school shoes as well as perhaps trainers and football boots for the many new teams that we are starting all over Zambia. Our work is focused on the poorest communities, from George Township in Lusaka to the most rural of areas and schools. We send approx 3 containers a year to Zambia with all sorts of items to support children as well as medical goods to support hospitals and health clinics. The World of Books also send us lots of children’s books every week which we send to schools in many different countries in Africa.
    I personally am a trustee of Mumba Childrens project, but also trustee to the Zambian Society trust and chairman of the reg charity no;1153418
    I have been loading and shipping containers to Africa since 2007 from our ware house in Sussex and recently started the Zambia Superstars United Football Academy based in Kitwe…This project is supported by both the Sussex FA and the Surrey FA.
    The main aim is to bring sports to every town and village and start new teams everywhere around the country. I personally also support some of the poorest community schools around the country in Zambia……We are indeed always short of shoes and sports shoes / football boots and I sincerely hope that you would be able to help us with this request. Of course, we will always make sure that you get all the feed back from the recipients as we do never take any effort and donations for granted.
    Your kind consideration would be much appreciated.
    Yours sincerely.
    Ben Van Nes

  4. Immicle
  5. Immicle

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