http://acecharityafrica.org run a library and a clinic at the Mariri Orphanage & Boarding School in Kano, Nigeria, for 100 boys aged 3-14 orphaned by Boko Haram.

These children all witnessed the murder of their parents; the ACE clinic provides them with the therapy they need whilst the library and the qualified librarians teach the children to write meaningfully and to read with understanding. Sal's Shoes were distributed in March 2016 following the first month of our first in-country collection in Nigeria at the Protea Hotel in Abuja. http://www.bonhotels.com/protea-hotel-abuja

Abia State


Following our second in-country Sal's Shoes collection in Abuja, Nigeria at http://www.bonhotels.com/protea-hotel-abuja in August 2016, 166 pairs of shoes were distributed by http://thewantedchildrenfoundation.org (TWCF) at their children's home in Abia State. 

TWCF was established in 2006 to meet the growing numbers of orphans and vulnerable children in Nigeria, and seeks to provide long term safety, security and love to the children accepted into its life-cycle approach program by providing them with a loving home environment, food/shelter/clothing, education, medical care, and psychosocial support/counselling. 

All 15 children currently living at the TWCF home in Abia State were invited to the 'shoe store' where they could try on and choose their own weather-appropriate shoes to cover the rainy season and dry season in Nigeria. The remainder of the shoes were distributed amongst children in need in the surrounding villages.

Abia State 

Rural villages

Following our second in-country collection at http://www.bonhotels.com/protea-hotel-abuja,  Sal's Shoes found their new feet in some of the rural villages in Abia State, Nigeria in August 2016.

Shoes were distributed by The Wanted Children Foundation (TWCF).


Following our second successful collection at the Protea Hotel in Abuja, Nigeria http://www.bonhotels.com/abuja, in October 2016 every child in Gusape village, Abuja, received a pair of Sal's Shoes at a mobile health outreach held by http://acecharityafrica.org

Taraba State


Working in collaboration with The Angel Projects (Angels@Work) in July 2017, Sal's Shoes collected at private schools in Lagos, found their new feet at two schools in Taraba State thanks to http://www.developmentafrica.be.


Thanks to The Angel Projects (Angels@Work), in July 2017 Sal's Shoes collected in private schools in Lagos found their new feet amongst the young inhabitants of Makoko - a slum neighbourhood [known locally as the floating village] in Lagos.


Working in collaboration with The Angel Projects (Angels@Work), in July 2017 Sal's Shoes collected at private schools in Lagos, found their new feet at two schools in Taraba State thanks to http://www.developmentafrica.be.

Orphanage in Akwa Ibom State

Thanks to The Angel Projects and http://www.developmentafrica.be, in November 2017 Sal's Shoes collected in-country in Nigeria found new feet at
https://dinnoedhjaelp.dk - an orphanage in Akwa Ibom state for children and teenagers.

Wuro Jabbe & Mal Kohi

Thanks to http://www.developmentafrica.org/ and @theangelprojects, Sal's Shoes have been finding their new feet with http://wbhfoundation.org at Wuro Jabbe, an IDP camp and Mal Kohi, a Fulani settlement in Nigeria 🇳🇬

Abia State

In July 2018, thanks to The Angel Projects based in Lagos, Nigeria 🇳🇬, this year 11 schools in Lagos participated in Toe to Toe at the end of term. They collected 1,506 pairs of Sal’s Shoes 👟

Thanks to https://www.thewantedchildrenfoundation.org every single pair of donated Sal’s Shoes has now found their new feet in the southeast of Nigeria, in the northern part of Abia State.

Every pupil at 10 rural, poverty stricken schools were sized and received a pair of shoes; alongside the orphans and vulnerable children who live at Amaba Home, the children’s home run by TWCF who set up a shoe ‘shop’ where the children could choose their ‘new’ shoes 👣

Kaduna State

In January 2019, a New year, new day and new feet being found for your Sal’s Shoes at a settlement for internally displaced children in Kaduna State, Northwest Nigeria 🇳🇬 thanks to The Angel Projects and http://wbhfoundation.org


In July 2019, Nigeria 🇳🇬 we’ve found new feet with http://dinnoedhjaelp.dk/- a Danish 🇩🇰 humanitarian non-profit organisation founded in 2012 by Anja Ringgren Lovén. The primary purpose of the organization is to help the so-called witch children in Nigeria.