The Boutique

Sal’s Shoes are delighted to be able to help support The Boutique, a children’s clothing service that has been created to support pregnant women and mothers with young children who are considered vulnerable or facing challenging situations. All of these women are referred through Choices Islington who currently support over 100 women a year.


Sparkle Malawi empowers the children of today for a better tomorrow. They never set out to change the world. They just want to make a difference. One child at a time. 
In July 2016 15 year old Patricia arrived in the UK from Sogoja village in Malawi, where she lives with her six siblings and mother in a derelict house without windows, doors, electricity, running water, a bathroom/kitchen or any furniture.
Patricia will be staying with Gemma from Sparkle and her family for the next six months attending School's Summer School and the first term of Year 9.
In December she'll return to Malawi to further her education at secondary school. 
It is a magical moment for Sparkle Malawi founder Sarah Elizabeth Brook, who was fortunate enough to experience the amazing education and lifestyle at the same school ten years ago.  
Thanks to you we were able to pass Patricia two pairs of Sal's Shoes today to help her along this new and exciting path.


In August 2016 Sal's Shoes found new feet at a drop in centre for asylum seekers in North London.

In May 2017 new feet were found in the UK with and

In October 2017, Sal's Shoes found new feet in the UK thanks to amongst the children of victims of human trafficking and modern day slavery who have now sought refuge in safe houses.


In March 2018, with temperatures below freezing in many parts of the UK 🇬🇧, your larger sized Sal’s Shoes were finding their new feet at The Soup Kitchen, which helps the homeless, elderly, lonely, vulnerable and poor in London ❄️

United Kingdom

Thanks to and a donation of single shoes we’re finding new foots during May 2019 in the U.K. 🇬🇧 📦


In October 2019 - It was setting off to find new feet in the UK 🇬🇧 📦

Our surplus of your larger sized men’s shoes will be finding their new feet at The Soup Kitchen a resource for the homeless, elderly, lonely and poor in Central London 👣