Bella (Bringing Every Living Life into Activities) Rehabilitation Centre is a combined day school and orphanage based off the Ngong road in Nairobi. It was set up in 2008 by a retired school principal, Mrs Azenga, following the post-election violence. Bella is now a registered NGO and primary school and  has 140 pupils ranging in age from 3 to 14.

There are 20 children which sleep at the school in 2 different dormitories as they have no other family members to take care of them, however the other 120 pupils would be considered ‘vulnerable’ as their families come from very limited means and live in the local Kibera slum.The centre has 9 classrooms, as well as a kitchen, store room, toilet, office and library. The class rooms are made from corrugated iron and wood, they each have a black board in them and some joined desks.




The Sure24 orphanage in Nakuru, Kenya provides a home to more than 120boys and girls aged between 2- 19. The organisation also runs a school for 280 children, mainly street children, and provides a weekly feeding programme for over 250 local children as well as providing general support to the local community.

In February 2014 the majority of shoes collected at Meadow Sure Start Children’s Centre and Fairfield Halls during December 2013 were distributed at the orphanage.

In April 2014, 256 pairs from the shoes collected at The Hayes Primary School, Keston Primary School and Direct Line Group, alongside private donations by Louise, Maria and Sri, were distributed at the orphanage.  Over 150 children each received a pair of shoes on the first day of distribution

Donations of football boots from the collections held at The Hayes, Keston Primary, Direct Line Group, Little Kickers East Surrey and Hillside Kindergarten, alongside a private donation from Kate means the football team at the orphanage now all have football boots to play in.

In July 2016, Sure24 took delivery of their third Sal's Shoes consignment. 3,555 children received a pair of Sal's Shoes.


The Eusebia Hope Foundation serves 53 children either orphaned by AIDS or neglected and/or abused in their birth homes in the village of Igoji, in the district of Meru in Kenya. 

Their tin shack premises [pictured]  serves as a pre-school (for 13 children aged between 1-4) and a Class 1 classroom (for 30 children aged between 5-7) in the day, and a dormitory at night for 25 of the children. The remaining children stay with extended family in the village at night (mostly elderly grandparents who can't tend to their needs in the day).

In September 2016, Sal's Shoes found their new feet amongst all the children under the care of the Eusebia Hope Foundation. All the school age children received a pair of school shoes and play shoes and all the pre-schoolers received their first pair of shoes.



The first time someone sent us their pre-danced in ballet shoes we weren't quite sure where we'd find them new dancing feet so we set them aside. 

We continued to do this with all the other ballet, jazz and tap shoes that came our way, until earlier this year when all the ballet and jazz shoes we'd collected set off with to Kenya to find their new feet at the dance classes run by at the 3 schools where they run an arts programme in Kibera, Mathare and in Nakuru - Sal's Shoes are dancing again.


Sal's Shoes went back to school at Sure24 in Nakuru, Kenya in January 2017.

St Luke’s Khabukoshe Secondary School, Kakamega County

In September 2018, Sal’s Shoes kit and football boots were back on the pitch in South Africa 🇿🇦, Ghana 🇬🇭 and now . . . in Kenya 🇰🇪

If all students in low income countries left school with basic reading skills it’s estimated 171 million people could be lifted out of poverty (UNESCO 2010). In reality, many rural secondary schools in East Africa don't have the resources to enable teachers to teach effectively, and struggle to provide an environment that enables students to acquire knowledge and skills, enjoy learning and to feel empowered. supports such schools to provide their students with the education to realise their vast potential.

Your trainers and football boots are back on the pitch at St Luke’s Khabukoshe Secondary School, Kakamega County, Kenya 🇰🇪

Earlier this summer the boys at the school played in a football match against a polytechnic college (aged 18+) who were fully kitted. The St Luke’s boys were playing barefoot, as none could afford boots. As a result, many were injured by the rough ground and the opposition. Some suffered repeated injuries that left them unable to run, and one boy dislocated his ankle during the match.

Thanks to you we were able to send enough football boots for the school team allowing the students there to enjoy their football matches without the injuries that would then prevent them from attending school and concentrating once there. The school has set up a well-managed loan system to prevent the theft or loss of and/or damage (for example, by rodents) to the boots, so that they will keep playing as long as there is wear left in them ⚽️


In November 2018, we were finding new feet Friday at the Mogra Children’s Centre in Nairobi, Kenya 🇰🇪 thanks to all of you 👣 and

Mogra Children’s Centre in Nairobi

It’s been a finding new feet day in time for Christmas 🎄 amongst the teenagers who live at the Mogra Children’s Centre in Nairobi, Kenya 🇰🇪 thanks to all of you 👣 and

Spurgeons Academy in Kibera

In April 2019, 350 pairs of your ballet, tap and jazz shoes were back on their new dancing feet with at the ballet and dance classes held at Spurgeons Academy in Kibera, Kenya 🇰🇪 the largest urban slum in Africa, where 95% of the population live below the poverty line. Sal’s party Shoes have also been distributed because we figure girls and glitter are a universal thing especially amongst these young dancers 💫

Mogra Children’s Centre in Nairobi

In April 2019, Sal’s school Shoes went back to school alongside play shoes generously donated by at the Mogra Children’s Centre in Nairobi, Kenya 🇰🇪 thanks to all of you . . . we tend to sort shoes by type and not size as the 🇬🇧 sizing system doesn’t make any sense if there’s no means by which to measure feet 👣 The job of finding new feet was made a whole lot easier thanks to a shoetastic donation of foot gauges by 💫


We found, a charity running educational arts projects for children living in slum conditions in Kenya 🇰🇪
In May 2019, your ballet shoes were dancing again in the heart of Kibera, the largest urban slum in Africa and home to an estimated 250,000 people.

Mogra Children’s Centre in Nairobi

In July 2019, we found new feet for your Sal’s Shoes at the Mogra Children’s Centre in Nairobi, Kenya 🇰🇪

Mogra Children’s Centre in Nairobi

August 2019, sometimes we find the smallest of new feet for the smallest of your Sal’s Shoes . . . Your first shoes, outgrown but not outworn, are now on their new feet amongst the babies and toddlers at the Mogra Children’s Centre in Nairobi, Kenya 🇰🇪

In August 2019 it was finding new feet Friday at the Mogra Children’s Centre in Nairobi, Kenya 🇰🇪 a rescue centre for abandoned, orphaned and neglected children 👣 When you’re a small charity, sometimes you hear from large companies wanting to lend a helping hand 🤝 your generous donation of Sal’s Shoes are finding their new feet at the Mogra Children’s Centre in Nairobi, Kenya 🇰🇪