Village of Hope Orphanage

In 2012 whilst on a solo motorcycle ride from Egypt to South Africa on the challenging African terrain it entailed, Claire Elsdon was staggered by the statistics when she rode into Tanzania [and mirrored on some scale across all of Africa] where 80% of all hospital admissions are due to motorcycle crashes as a result of poor maintenance and road awareness.

Passionate about the art of motorcycle maintenance and following a stint training mobile midwives how to look after their motorcycles; earlier this year Claire launched and is now busy building their first motorcycle maintenance workshop in Mwanza, Tanzania, which will train communities in the essential art of motorcycle maintenance and road safety : preserving the lifespan of motorcycles, riders and passengers alike 🏍
In December 2016, Claire left the building works at the Pikilily workshop to find some new feet for Sal's Shoes at the Village of Hope orphanage