Sal's Shoes winter footwear was distributed in February 2016 in an informal settlement just outside the city of Dohuk in Northern Iraq. These displaced families are living under a bridge in tents. The temperature reached -11 the month before our distribution.


In January 2016 Sal's Shoes were distributed to displaced children in a tribe of Muslims who were displaced because they refused to accept the ideology of IS.

The Kirkuk area in Northern Iraq hosts among the largest populations of internally displaced people in Iraq, along with 4-5 other governates.  Many of the children who received a pair of shoes did not own a pair. Many families like this one lost everything when they fled IS, and have had to try to start again with nothing, no job opportunities and no money and children to feed.

Northern Iraq

In November 2016 Sal's Shoes winter footwear was finding new feet amongst young displaced Christian and Muslim children, spread across three different villages in Northern Iraq.

The Christian families were originally displaced from the Nineveh Plains around Mosul, and the Muslim families were displaced from Anbar. Sal's Shoes were also distributed to a number of Yazidi families living in tents put up in an unfinished building.
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Northen Iraq

Sandals were swapped for Sal's Shoes winter footwear in Northern Iraq in February 2017 with the temperature at -6 °C, when distributed aid to 241 Yazidi and Muslim families.


Swapping sandals for Sal's Shoes winter footwear in Dohuk, Iraq with in March 2017. These photos show two informal camps of displaced Yazidis from Sinjar in Northern Iraq. These children are from families living in tents erected inside abandoned and unfinished buildings 👣