In 2021 we opened 3 Sal’s Shoes ‘shops’ in partnership with Guinness Partnership.

These are situated in existing community spaces in Crewe at, in Hackney at and in Salford as part of a school uniform hub at

Families, via a referral system, are able to visit our shops and enjoy the experience of shoe ‘shopping’ and choosing their own shoes without having to pay for their purchases.

Dignity is one of the most important things to the human spirit. One of the saddest things about poverty can be the loss of dignity. There is nothing more stifling to a person’s identity than having to wear clothes that are not ‘them’. Children are experts in their own lives and even they have a strong sense of what style of clothing suits their personality and personal preference. Decent clothes and shoes can add a sense of pride and dignity.

To a family in need, especially when their peers may not be, extreme poverty can be undignified. Methods for upholding dignity are usually small, seemingly inconsequential things, but they can mean the world.

Our Shoe Shops, filled with your preloved shoes have enabled children in need to retain their sense of dignity and enjoy the experience of shoe shopping. They are also encouraged to return their Sal’s Shoes to the store once outgrown if they remain not outworn.