Toe To Toe 2021

March 2021

Whilst we’re experiencing uncertain times, and finding new feet may need to slow down, what we do know is that there will be a time when your Sal’s Shoes will be needed for new feet more than ever.

Please find available our Toe to Toe 2021 information pack.

Traditionally, this is our end of the summer term school collections initiative. This year, we’ve deleted all the dates and deadlines that were outlined, and hope you’ll continue to support us and roll out your school shoe collections as and when circumstances allow.

Your Sal’s school Shoes are going to experience less wear than usual but be outgrown just as quick. Some schools may contact their pupils and ask them to save their Sal’s Shoes ready to donate when schools reopen. Some individuals may choose to send us their school shoes as soon as they are outgrown later this year. Some PTA’s may choose to roll out Toe to Toe at the end of a different term during the course of the academic year.

This year’s information pack has lots of shoe-related activities to keep young minds occupied – individual pages can be printed and utilised as homeschooling resources – we’d love to see and share all of your efforts. Please do remember to digest the contents outlined in the pack and understand the commitment required before registering your school with us. 

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