School Shoes Fund

There are 4.2 million children living in poverty in the UK. Nearly 2 million people have applied for universal credit during lockdown.

With a range of socio-economic factors already at play prior to lockdown, we now know that low income households are particularly vulnerable to the economic effects of the pandemic. Median weekly wages in the sectors shut down by the pandemic are among the lowest in the economy and low paid workers are less likely to be able to work from home. The parents who were going without, to feed and clothe their kids prior to lockdown and were already classed as low income are now earning even less. Many items including shoes once deemed everyday and affordable, are increasingly becoming unaffordable for too many.

Due to rising poverty it is estimated 1.7 million kids attend school in badly fitting, unclean and incorrect clothing. Last year as part of our Toe to Toe initiative, over 650 schools across the UK donated their school shoes for us to get them back into education. This year those donations will be coming in later in the year. But the new academic year will have already started and this means back to school shopping.

This initiative allows us to have the funds available to buy school children in need here in the U.K. a new pair of school shoes to give them that extra spring in their step. With the contacts we have, the more we can raise with your help, the more pairs we can purchase at a discounted rate.

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