Bantron Farm

Sandy & Patrick farm just outside of Choma in the Southern Province of Zambia. The farm is 2600Ha, 200ha of which is cultivated and farms tobaco, maize, 600 cattle and has a small dairy.

The farm supports between 70 and 100 workers and their families (some 1000 people, 600 of which are under the age of 12), from small villages in the surrounding area.

There is a small pre-school on the farm and a clinic which is supported by the District Health Centre.

The farm received a shoe delivery from a privately held collection in October 2013. A second delivery of shoes was sent in January 2014. 92 children under the age of 7 from 37 different families each received a pair of shoes. The shoes distributed were from a collection at Abbeywood Grange Day Nursery in November 2013 and from private collections held by Charmin and Sam.


Siachitema Mission

Siachitema Mission and orphanage was founded by Claudia Peyton, an American Missionary in 1938.

In April 2014 the shoes donated to Stripey Stork in January 2014 were handed out to the smaller children at the Mission.

Further reading:
From Darkness into Light, Claudia Peyton: Forty-Six Years in Africa compiled and published by Rev. Don McMellon.


Mother Theresa Orphanage

The Mother Theresa Orphanage and Centre in Lusaka, Zambia was founded 23 years ago and now consists of a cancer ward, a school and boarding facilities for up to 94 children.  Many of the children are orphans or from single parent families where the parent is now being treated in the cancer ward.  The orphanage strives to keep a low profile and maintain the teachings of Mother Theresa.  The orphanage does not solicit any donations.


University Teaching Hospital

Anna is a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer who has been living in Lusaka, Zambia for the past 3 years. She volunteers at the Children’s Oncology Ward at the University Teaching Hospital where they are currently providing life-saving cancer treatment for 36 children.

The ward received a delivery of shoes from a privately held collection in November 2012.

In August 2014, 225 pairs of shoes collected at  Direct Line Group, Electronic Arts, Christopher Robin Day Nurseries, Coulsdon Colts FC and Sing Along, and from private donations by Dan, Niamet, Amy, Emma, Donna, Shahpar, Kate, Laura, Christy and Sal himself, were sent to the Zambian Cancer Society.

On the first day of distribution 40 children on the children’s cancer ward were each given a pair of shoes alongside a sweatshirt generously donated by Harris Primary Academy Benson from their now redundant Benson Primary uniform stock. This ward is the only children’s cancer ward in Zambia.

In November 2014, the children’s oncology ward at the University Teaching Hospital, the only ward of its kind in the whole country, received another delivery from Sal’s Shoes.


Mfuwe Junior Football League


We are increasingly becoming involved in sports projects that encourage positive social change. We were delighted to have the opportunity to collaborate with in kitting out some of the teams that form the Mfuwe Junior Football League in Mfuwe, Zambia. 
The kits donated by NPAC and the football boots from donations to Sal's Shoes were handed out in December 2015. The teams play every Saturday (and sometimes more often) but often get together after school to practice. The boys have to stay out of trouble and do well at school in order to stay in their team.



Mfuwe Primary School

Every single student in grades 1-4 at Mfuwe Primary School in Zambia received a pair of shoes in November 2015. A thank you letter from the headmistress this confirmed great excitement at the school and 768 very happy children.


Mulonga Compound

In July 2016 Sal's Shoes found lots of little new feet with at based in Mulonga Compound just outside the town of Mazabuka in Zambia.

South Luangwa

In July 2016, Working in collaboration with who provided the kit, Sal's Shoes football boots found their new owners amongst the senior team in the  South Luangwa football league in Zambia.



In July 2017 some of the specialist footwear you've been sending us started finding their new feet with the in Zambia.

Wukwashi Wa Nzambi, works with extremely marginalised children living with disability on the Copperbelt and beyond, providing support groups, training in physiotherapy, access to operations and other medical interventions, artificial limbs and mobility aids and schooling opportunities. They also raise awareness and challenge the stigma surrounding disability.  

They had an urgent need for therapeutic shoes to help children to walk safely.