is a UK-based charity working locally and internationally to support relief projects. They have been providing international relief with financial and humanitarian assistance in Syria, where in April 2016, they were distributing Sal's Shoes.



Thanks to, in June 2017 Sal's Shoes were finding their new feet with in the Kurbit Algoos surburb of Idlib, a city in northwestern Syria, 37 miles southwest of Aleppo.

Sal's Shoes winter footwear finding new feet during a severe winter in Syria in December 2016 . . . lots of sandals were swapped for lots of boots with

Samara's Aid Appeal

In December 2016 temperatures in Syria plummeted. There were snowstorms. Displaced children were severely under dressed and could not escape the snow and mud in their tent living conditions. Sal's Shoes winter footwear and other essential aid items were offloaded by

Sal's Shoes winter footwear have been finding desperately in need new feet in Syria in February 2017 thanks to and

 Latakia Mountains

In March 2017, Sal's Shoes winter footwear found new feet alongside the distribution of other winter aid items with amongst young IDP's in the Latakia Mountains in Syria 👣

Khubit Al Gooz Medical Centre

Feet in shoes are protected feet. Feet protected from injury and in areas of low sanitation the spread of infection. In April 2017, Sal's Shoes alongside vital medical equipment from have been offloaded at Khubit Al Gooz Medical Centre in North Syria.

Kurbit Algoos, Idlib


Thanks to, in June 2017 Sal's Shoes found new feet with in the Kurbit Algoos surburb of Idlib, a city in northwestern Syria, 37 miles southwest of Aleppo.


In September 2017, Sal's Shoes went back to school in Aleppo, Syria, with Shoes were distributed to displaced children - either those going to school for the very first time or those returning for the first time in many years now that it's deemed safe to do so.


Thanks to, in October 2017 Sal's Shoes and clothing have been distributed to 225 displaced families living in the north eastern part of the governorate of Damascus, Syria.

Sheikh Maqsood, Aleppo

Sal's Shoes found new feet in Syria in November 2017 with 42 families were displaced when a terrorist group took the area of Sheikh Maqsood in Aleppo. They have been living in a deserted school for six years since their area was taken. This terrorist group arrived in their neighbourhood and started beheading people who wouldn’t join them. Around 35,000 people fled and now they have nothing to go back to. Their rooms have no glass in the windows and none of them have doors, just a blanket covering the opening of their rooms. There are between 5-13 living in each small room. The toilets are just holes in the ground. Some of the children had no proper shoes, just flip flops.

The New Forest and Hampshire Show attempted to break a world record at the 2016 Show which took place in Brockenhurst, Hampshire for ‘The Most Wellington Boots Thrown Simultaneously’. For the World Record attempt, kindly donated 500 pairs of wellington boots for participants to use. Despite being unsuccessful at breaking the world record, we were delighted to be donated the boots in May 2017. In November 2017 they started finding their new feet with in Syria at an informal camp where people having fled Aleppo have now set up makeshift homes. Many of them were barefoot or in broken flip flops and winter is rapidly approaching.

Deir Ez-zor

Sal's winter Shoes, including a large donation of snow boots from, have been finding their new feet amongst the children of Deir Ez-zor, Syria, in December 2017 with Winter temperatures drop below zero in Syria, and there were barefoot children at our distributions.

Tal Al Abbas

In February 2018, Sal's Shoes were finding their new feet at Tal Al Abbas a Syrian refugee camp in Akkar in the northernmost governorate of Lebanon close to the Syrian border 🇱🇧 thanks to Ahla Fawda, a local NGO 👣

Idlib, Syria

In May 2018,  Sal’s Shoes have been finding their new feet in Idlib, Syria 👣

 East Ghouta near Damascus

In June 2018, Sal’s Shoes have been finding their new feet in East Ghouta near Damascus, Syria 🇸🇾 with
Sal’s Shoes footwear for outside wear and Sal’s Shoes slippers for inside the communal tents and disused buildings they are now sheltering in.
These people have lived through years of horrific siege including shootings, bombings, imprisonment, torture and many other atrocities 👣

Al Ghouta,  Damascus

In August 2018, thanks to working alongside local partners, Sal’s Shoes have been finding their new feet in Al Ghouta, just outside Damascus, Syria 🇸🇾

Sal’s Shoes are walking again amongst displaced families who fled from their homes in East Ghouta. Family sizes ranged between five and fifteen people with an average of ten, including extended family.

Distributions were carried out in areas including Adra, Al Nashabia, Herjalla, Tal Al Nasir, Al Dwir, and Al Kiswa. The majority had arrived in these camps in the early part of 2018, whilst some camps contained families who fled when their homes were first taken by jihadists. These families arrived with what they could carry on foot, which in many cases were their small children. Many arrived with nothing except the clothes they were wearing.

Most families are crammed into communal buildings and structures, small rooms, tents, and tarpaulin structures. Some families are accommodated in public buildings and schools with large numbers of people living side by side in very small spaces. Most of these camps and settlements are overfilled far beyond their capacity with the displaced people having made their own makeshift shelters from plastic sheets and tarpaulins held together with ropes, stones, pieces of wood and mud. Many of these are set up against the sides of buildings and in wasteland to accommodate the enormous influx of people who fled through the humanitarian corridors from East Ghouta during the intense bombing and fighting as the siege was being broken earlier this year.

Significant numbers of the children in these camps had no footwear and roamed the camp barefoot. Some children were seen walking through the camps with just one oversized shoe or sandal, while other children were seen around the camps wearing odd shoes (one shoe and one sandal) of significantly different sizes.

Thank YOU for playing a part and making such a difference 👣


In November 2018, Sal’s Shoes found their new feet amongst the children of widows in Latakia, Syria 🇸🇾 with

So many displaced people have flocked to Latakia because of its relative safety compared with other parts of the country. As a result, the schools are overcrowded and the children have to attend in two shifts. Some children do the morning shift of learning while others do the afternoon session.

Winter footwear was distributed to help see the children through winter. The daytimes are temperate but the nights are now feeling cold, and the temperatures will continue to plummet over the coming weeks ❄️


As temperatures began to drop during November 2018 in the U.K. 🇬🇧, thanks to your Sal’s Shoes warmed up winter feet in Syria 🇸🇾 These are the living conditions these young feet find themselves in, in the area of Ghouta and the city of Latakia ❄️


It has always been of the utmost importance that we maintain the premise on which we were built - to know exactly where every pair of shoes we’re sent finds their new feet.

Early 2018, an independent shoe retailer sent over an 18 tonne truck to HQ. It contained 2,300 pairs of brand new Sal’s Shoes fit for the winter . . . In November 2018, as temperatures were dropping ❄️, thanks to they replaced socks and sandals and started to find their feet just outside Damascus, Syria 🇸🇾 and we’ve been able to share these images with the generous man behind the donation 👣

Al Hasseke, the Kurdish region

November 2018, in rural Syria 🇸🇾 an 18 month old little girl was found shuffling barefoot in the cold mud at the entrance to one of the poly tunnels her family are now forced to live in.

Thanks to she now has a pair of your Sal’s Shoes wellies. Thanks to you her siblings now have Sal’s Shoes too.

This Kurdish family was displaced from their village in Al Hasseke, the Kurdish region, close to the Turkish border when ISIS took the area next to them. They are now amongst the many that are forced to live in a little hut with a roof that leaks when it rains, and plastic instead of windows, tending tomatoes that belong to someone else. On the side of their hut they have erected a plastic lean to, supported by hand cut bamboo poles, to give them a drier area to scrape off the mud and water before entering their tiny living space 👣

Feet in shoes are protected feet. Feet protected from injury and infection . . . and the bitter cold ❄️

Saqba, East Ghouta

‘No one in Syria would choose to dress their child in sandals at this time of year unless they had no other choice. It is cold now’

In November 2018, thanks to Sal’s Shoes were continuing to find their feet in Syria 🇸🇾 here in Saqba, right in the heart of East Ghouta, the area that was under siege for years until earlier this year 👣

Damascus & Sweida

In December 2019, thanks to the efforts of, Sal’s new Shoes have been finding their new feet amongst 1,095 orphans living in 10 orphanages in Damascus and Sweida, Syria 🇸🇾


In December 2018, thanks to, this week Sal’s new Shoes have been finding their feet in Damascus, Syria 🇸🇾 in a centre for people who fled besieged East Ghouta earlier this year. It’s cold but many of the children are still wearing sandals in December. Some of the children wear sandals in sizes far too big for their little feet.

It’s a Sal’s Shoes finding new feet in Syria 🇸🇾 September 2019

This little girl’s face has been blurred for legal reasons. Her father was killed by the jihadists in the war. They had to flee from their home when the jihadists took their village. She and her sister were abandoned by their mother and left with their elderly grandmother. They haven’t seen their mum for around five years. They ended up on the streets and were living in a public park before a friend of the family found them and gave them an apartment to live in. The grandmother is very old, and has asthma and cancer. She ends up begging in the streets to try to gain enough money for them to eat and to pay for her medications.

Thanks to a collaboration with another charity; this pair of young feet now has some school supplies, and thanks to you, a pair of school shoes 📚