Send Us Your Shoes


We collect outgrown children’s shoes (up to the end of primary school age) and pass them on to their new owners.

We sort by type and not size and collect all sorts of different shoes: flip flops, sandals, school shoes, slippers, trainers, winter boots and football boots.

We collect shoes that can still be worn: Solid soles with no holes. Laces if the shoes need them... and please think about the recipient of the shoes you donate and give your shoes a quick clean before you pass them on – no mud!

Please pair your shoes with a rubber band before passing them onto us. We are run entirely by volunteers and this saves them a huge amount of time when sorting and packing shoes.

Other organisation's rehoming baby/child items

This map has been produced by Stripey Stork (, if there are any corrections needed or you know of additional organisations that should be included, please let them know by emailing

Financial Donations

We are run by volunteers but need financial donations to continue passing on the shoes you donate. If you have an idea for a fundraising event please let us know

If you would like to make a financial donation please visit

Time & Talent

If you drive and can help with collecting shoe hauls or have the time regularly or now and then to help with sorting and packing shoes please get in touch