Callum's Promise initiative ‘Callum's Promise’ aims to increase opportunities for Fun, Friendships and Adventures for disabled children and young people here in the UK. 

Sal’s Shoes are going to be supporting Include Me Too particularly as there are so many children who have outgrown specialist footwear such as Pedro Boots which can be recycled and put to good use by other children ready for their next adventure!

The cost of raising a disabled child can be high, including the cost of special supportive footwear. Many families struggle to find reasonably priced and suitable footwear to accommodate foot splints and support their child’s foot and ankle in a supportive position. 

For those of you who have already sent us specialist footwear we will be finding their new feet in collaboration with Include Me Too (and in consultation with their in house physiotherapists). We would further welcome sturdy footwear (eg Timberland boots and similar) as well as preloved Pedro boots.