Back on the Pitch

Crossing continents to make sure the kit you've outgrown and the boots you no longer wear end up playing back on the pitch.

Please download the poster pack if you would like to play a part and make a difference.

Republic of
the Congo


In June 2016 8 year old Ryan in Staffordshire sent us his outgrown football kit. A month later it found its new 9 year old owner at GOAL Academy in Goma.

We can't change the world, but if we all play a part we can make a difference. If we work together we can make a bigger difference. As a relatively small charity in terms of funding, often our only real limitation is financial. offered to fund this consignment. donated the kit. You sent us your pre-played in football boots. donated the packing materials. and coordinated the logistics. Sal's Shoes got back on the pitch in DRC in October 2016.



In August 2016, Sal's Shoes rugby boots got back on the pitch at Sure24 an orphanage and school in Nakuru, Kenya.

South Africa


In July 2016 thanks to a donation from we were able to kit out Team Mabaso Magic FC



In October 2016 Sal's Shoes football boots were back on the pitch at the Meadowlands Football Academy